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Pipetting is one of the most frequently used applications in laboratories.

This is not only where precision and reliability are important, but users also need products that are ergonomic, light and convenient.

Slamed Pipets
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Autoclavable waste disposal bags out of the special tight plastic membrane

For the sterilization and disposal of hazardous and contaminated labware

Autoclavable bags
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Improved visual control due to clear polypropylene

Precise design, for use in automatic pipetting systems for High Throughput Screening (HTS)

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Perfect fit, compatible with all major brands of thermocyclers due to precise production

DNase-, RNase-, DNA and endotoxin-free

PCR Tubes


Welcome to ratiolab

ratiolab® offers and solutions

Beside standardized consumables made from plastic, which you can find in our catalogs, ratiolab® offers the individual development and production of plastic products.

Our business unit Think! offers you individual, customized solutions.

Our experience and competence in the production of sophisticated plastic products are your warranty for cost-efficient production of your individual laboratory solutions.

Practically all of our disposable products are manufactured at our plant. On a daily basis, tens of thousands of laboratory items are produced from high-quality plastics using tools of the highest precision in state-of-the-art automatic injection-molding machines.

If so desired, we can develop packaging forms suitable for automatic processing to your own specifications; we can also package your wares according to your hygiene standards and can customize these to international requirements, even in small series.

Please contact us, if you have a product idea or a product wish to make your work easier. Our staff will take care of a solution.