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The product category “Labware” offers a wide choice of products for general laboratory applications. Our high quality cuvets, tubes and vessels are used in a multitude of laboratory applications. Even the clinical field is covered with our Uri-Lab multi purpose beakers and bottles, ear tips and funnels.


  • Cuvets



    Disposable cuvets have long replaced cuvets once normally made of glass. New plastics coupled with modern methods of production allow photometric measurement well into the UV range.

    Ultra-precision molds with several cavities – one per cuvet – are used for producing ratiolab® Q-VETTES and ratiolab® CUVETTES under controlled room conditions. Thus, in any one injection molding run several cuvets are produced simultaneously. In order to prevent deviations in extinction coefficient values from occurring in any one run due to increased stray light, the cuvets are automatically sorted according to their numbered cavities of origin.

    Each package shows the corresponding local production number of the cuvetts position in the net. So all cuvetts inside one styrofoam box are technical wise indentical. Any measurement done with those identical cuvetts insures a high accurancy.



  • Multicell Cuvets



    Ratiolab 12-cavity multicell cuvets – suitable for Thermo Scientific analysers: Arena 20, 20XT, 30 and 60.
    Arena applications cover processes from food / beverage industry, biochemical and pharmaceutical tests. Fields of analysing:

    • food (milk, meat, honey)
    • beverages (wine, beer, juice)
    • customised applications


    Multicell cuvets

  • Analysis Beakers



    Analysis beakers offer the highest precision for use with robotic analytical systems.

    Clear polystyrene (PS).

    • high-precision design for use with robotic analytical systems Technicon T1 / T2; Gemsaec G1 / Hitachi H1


    Analysis Beakers

  • Scintillation Vessels



    Natural polyethylene (PE-HD).

    • high-precision design for use with robotic analytical systems
    • insert tubes with special leakproof cap
    • convenient opening and closing


    Scintillation Vessels

  • Cell Counter Vials



    Cell counter vials made of clear polystyrene (PS).

    • high-precision design for use with robotic analytical systems


    Cell Counter Vials

  • Centrifuge Tubes



    Polypropylen (PP)

    • with round, conical bottom or stand alone

    • centrifuge tubes with red cap available with printed graduations and field frosted for writing

    • supplied in non-sterile or sterile

    • with red screw cap or closure



  • Microcentrifuge Tubes



    High quality test tubes and centrifuge tubes in various volumes. The microcentrifuge tubes with tight sealing cap are made of polypropylene or polyethylene, produced in natural, or different colors for comfortable identification.


    Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • Microcentrifuge Tubes with Screw Cap



    Polypropylene (PP).

    Free of DNase, RNase and pyrogens.

    • with conical bottom or additional self-standing
    • sterilized
    • centrifugable up to approx. 25.000 g
    • temperature-resistant from –80°C to +121°C
    • autoclavable up to +121 °C
    • Ø x H: 13.1 mm x 48 mm
    • re-sealable bags


    Microcentrifuge tubes with screw cap

  • Micro Centrifuge



    Space- and energy-saving micro centrifuge with adequate power for routine centrifugations.

    • speed 7000 /min, max RCF 2680 x g
    • lid must be closed for operation mode
    • safety: the lid can only be opened when the rotor is not rotating
    • rapid start and stop within seconds
    • power supply AC100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
    • diameter 150 mm, height 117 mm, weight 0.5 kg
    • 1 year guarantee
    • supplied complete with two rotors:
    rotor 1 for: 8 microcentrifuge tubes 0.5 ml till 2.0ml
    rotor 2 for: 16 microcentrifuge tubes 0.2 ml or two pcr strips of 8 tubes 0.2 ml



  • Test Tubes



    A wide range of different test tubes and stoppers. These products are made of different materials.

    Tubes are available in different volumes (from 4 ml, 4.5 ml, 5ml, 5.1ml and 12ml) and bottoms.

    Our stoppers have very tight seal due to 2 sealing rings, available in natural and 4 other colors (blue, green, red, and yellow).



  • Racks




    With the ratiolab® Multistand you have the opportunity to use it with several microcentrifuge tubes, cryo tubes and test tubes with different diameters through the patented holder to fix safely. 

    Rack for Microcentrifuge Tubes

    Ideal for the secure handling of reaction vessels. Space-saving on the laboratory bench due to its narrow form. Practical side grips.


    Rack for Microcentrifuge Tubes

  • Containers



    The best containers for sampling or storing of liquids, paste or powder medicine.

    Wide-neck bottle, square bottom
    High quality polyethylene (PE-HD). For easy identification the closure is made of blue polypropylene.

    Multipurpose containers
    Polypropylene (PP). For easy identification and the option to mark them with a pen the containers are white.



  • Multi Purpose Beakers with Screw Caps



    Polypropylene (PP) or polystyrene (PS).

    Practical multi purpose beakers and bottles. Ideal for the clinical routine. For sampling, transport and storage of solid, pasty and liquid samples.

    • with red screw-cap

    • supplied in non-sterile or sterile, individually packed



  • Multi Purpose Beaker System and Bottles



    Practical multi purpose beakers and bottles. Ideal for the clinical routine.


    Multi Purpose bottles

  • Cleanibag and Autoclavable bags



    Autoclavable waste disposal bags out of special tight plastic membrane. For the sterilization and disposal of hazardous and contaminated labware.

    ratiolab® Cleanibag-System

    All-purpose PE bags with self-adhesive strip for clinical and laboratory use.

    ratiolab® Autoclavable bags BIOHAZARD red – Warning Instruction and sterilization indicator patch

    Made of robust polyethylene (PE). Distinctive red autoclavable bags for easy identification, for the disposal of contaminated labware.

    ratiolab® Autoclavable bags BIOHAZARD – Warning Instruction and sterilization indicator patch

    Autoclavable disposable waste bag of very strong PP-film with a broad seam at the bottom, for the sterilization and disposal of hazardous and contaminated labware. 

    ratiolab® Waste Disposal Bag, Standard

    Bags of very strong PP-film with a broad seam at the bottom, for the disposal of contaminated labware.

    ratiolab® Waste Disposal Bag, High Transparency

    Bags of very strong PP-film with a broad seam at the bottom, for the disposal of contaminated labware.


    Autoclavable bags

  • Petri Dishes



    Diverse petri dishes out of transparent polystyrene (PS), completed by color coded inoculating loops and needles.

    Uncoated, with vents. Sterilized or clean as produced.



  • Inoculating Loops



    Made of polystyrene (PS).

    • hexagonal handle for safe handling

    • gamma-sterile

    • sterile, individually packed in easy to open peel-packs



  • Thermocult Incubator



    Compact incubator for bacteriology. Fixed temperature setting at 35 ±2 °C, adjustable up to 42°C, with built-in control thermometer. Glass-clear plasticdoor for visual control. The incubator can be placed on work benches or set up on walls.

    • inside size (W x D x H): 210 x 145 x 110 mm, for up to 20 tissue cultures or 8 petri dishes

    • outsidesize(WxDxH): 300x170x150mm

    • weight: approx. 1.3 kg, power: 220 V, 30 W

    • shelf available separately

    • 2 year guarantee



  • Ear tips, Ear funnels



    Hygienic and safe disposable products. Once attached, they remain fixed on most commonly used otoscopes. Ergonomic and smoothly formed. No sharp edges.


    Ear tips