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The broad “Life Science” portfolio offers a wide choice of products for microbiology and biotechnology. Our micro test plates, deep-well blocks, PCR products as well as the ratiolab® micro-tubes system are manufactured under strict quality requirements in accordance to the SBS-standard in order to guarantee accuracy and process efficiency in your lab.


  • Micro Test Plates



    Microplates in SBS standard. Made of Polystyrene (PS) or polypropylene (PP), with U-, F- or V-bottom. They are stackable and thus saving space. With one corner cut away for definite orientation.

    • with U-, F-, or V-bottom
    • SBS standard micro test plate format
    • 8 x 12 wells alphanumerically coded
    • wells with raised rims for reduced cross-contamination and effective sealing with Ratiolab cover films
    • precise design, perfectly shaped for use with automatic systems
    • optimum space for precise positioning
    • space-saving and stackable
    • polypropylene plates may be sealed with heat-sealing films without deformation

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    microtest plates

  • Deep-Well-Plates



    ratiolab® low-profile deep-well-plates (96)

    Clear polypropylene (PP). 

    These 1.2 ml low-profile deep-well blocks are ideal for pharmaceutics, biotechnology and diagnostics. Of the same standard dimensions (Society for iomolecular Sciences – SBS), they are one-third lower than standard deepwell plates (96). They thus require less space! Requiring some 30% less space, they help to optimize warehouse space, hence lowering costs – especially for expensive cryo-storage applications.

    The cavities are some 20% larger than conventional plates. Thus, when used with robots, they provide additional security. The chimney form of the wells reliably prevents cross-contamination. Their precise, true-tosize form makes them highly suitable for high-throughput screening (HTS).

    • about half as high as conventional deep-well blocks at 1.2 ml fill volume
    • SBS standard micro test plate format
    • well with significantly larger cross section
    • wells with raised rims for reduced cross-contamination
    • improved visual control due to clear polypropylene
    • autoclavable at 121 °C, 20 min
    • temperature resistant to – 80 °C

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    ratiolab® conventional deep-well-plates (96)

    Clear polypropylene (PP). 

    • wells with alphanumeric code in micro test plate format
    • optimally sealing with Ratiolab cover films 
    • precise design, for use in automatic pipetting systems for High Throughput Screening (HTS)
    • optimum space for bar code labels on the side walls
    • space-saving and stackable
    • improved visual control due to clear polypropylene
    • autoclavable at 121 °C, 20 min 
    • temperature resistant to – 80 °C


  • Reagent Reservoirs



    Translucent polypropylene (PP).

    • for use in manual and automated liquid handling area
    • compatible with all common pipetting robots and dispensing systems
    • autoclavable at 121°C, 20 min only 6025000

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    Reagent reservoirs

  • Cover Films



    Cover Films For micro test plates, deep-well blocks, micro test tubes and PCR plates.
    Adhesive base must be free of grease, dust, degassing and air-conditioned in order to ensure safe bonding.

    • self-adhesive
    • for manual operation
    • adhesive with high solvent resistance
    • all films of SBS standard format

    1. Soft-PVC peeling cover film
    • low-cost film for polystyrene plates
    • can be removed without any residues
    • minimum application temperature: + 5 °C
    • temperature resistant from – 20 °C to + 70 °C
    • ideal for the storage of plates at room temperature

    2. Aluminum universal cover film

    • can be easily removed
    • ideal for piercing
    • for all plate types; PS, PP, PC, PE
    • temperature resistant from – 80 °C to + 120 °C
    • ideal for the storage of plates at room temperature (20 °C-23 °C) and dry room

    3. Piercing-foil with cavity circle 96-well

    • each cavity is marked by a circle and a numerical printing
    • prepierced in each cavity optimizes opening by tip
    • self closing film reduces the risk of cross-contamination
    • also for use with micro-racks and critical PCR plates
    • temperature resistant from – 80 °C to + 30 °C
    • DMSO-resistant

    4. Gas permeable peeling film

    • SBS-Standard
    • liquid tight
    • high permeability
    • temperature resistant from – 5 °C to + 60 °C
    • ideal for the storage of plates at room temperature (20 °C-23 °C) and dry room

    Polypropylene peeling cover film

    • can be removed without any residues and repeatedly used
    • for all plate types; PS, PP, PC, PE, DMSO-resistant
    • temperature resistant from – 80 °C to + 120 °C
    • ideal for the storage of plates at room temperature (20 °C-23 °C) and dry room

    Further films on request.

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    Cover films

  • Micro-Tubes-System



    This is a highly practical system for processing small volumes.

    The reusable Micro-Rack is the work station and takes 96 micro-tubes in the standard 8 x 12 SBS microplate format. It is a stable and robust system and has a dust-tight lid. A sloping edge helps the positioning of the refill unit.

    The side edges can be labeled with a barcode. The rack is excellently suited to use in automatic dosing and robotic systems.

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    Product Features

    The 0.65 and 1.2 ml micro-tubes can be supplied as single, strips of 8 or in 96-well format as a refill system for 8 x 12 plates.

    The tubes are closable either with an 8-lid strip or an 8 x 12 closure mat.

    • the Micro-Tubes are autoclavable for 20 min at 121 °C

    • temperature-resistant to – 80 °C

    micro tubes

    The tubes can be removed singly and are numbered on the bottom.


    micro tubes system

  • PCR Tubes and PCR Plates


    PCR tubes, PCR-stipes and PCR-plates.

    PCR Tubes
    Pure polypropylene (PP).
    • rapid and homogeneous heat transfer due to consistently ultrathin wall design
    • perfect fit, compatible with all major brands of thermocyclers due to precise production
    • DNase-, RNase-, DNA and endotoxin-free
    • variety of tight closures available to reduce sample evaporation

    96-well PCR Plates
    These plates conform fully to the highest requirements of PCR* (Polymerase Chain Reaction). They are made of polypropylene and are characterized by their very thin but uniform walls. In this way, optimal heat transfer in short cycle times is achieved. The smooth inside walls of the cavities minimize the binding of enzymes and nucleic acids.
    The plates are free of DNA, DNase and RNase.
    They are available optionally without or with edges (the latter to minimize cross-contamination).
    • working volumes 0.2 ml
    • alphanumeric coding for optimal sample identification
    • available in two versions for various PCR systems

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    PCR tubes

  • PCR Accessories



    96-Well PCR-Rack

    Polypropylene (PP).

    Work and storage rack for 0.2 and 0.5 ml PCR tubes, PCR strips, and PCR segments.

    Floating Cryo Racks

    Ideal for the thawing out or cooling of samples in PCR tubes and PCR strips. The loaded racks remain floating. The tubes fit firmly in the racks and keep them well positioned in the bath.

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    pcr Zubehör