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Cover Films



Cover Films For micro test plates, deep-well blocks, micro test tubes and PCR plates.

• self-adhesive
• for manual operation
• temperature resistant from – 80 to + 120 °C**
• adhesive with high solvent resistance, specially resistant against DMSO**
• all films of SBS standard format

1. Polyethylene peeling cover film
• low-cost film for polystyrene plates
• can be removed without any residues
• ideal for the storage of plates at room temperature

2. Aluminum universal cover film

• can be easily removed
• ideal for piercing
• for polystyrene and polypropylene plates
• also for use with micro-racks and critical PCR plates

3. Piercing-foil with cavity circle 96-well

• each cavity is marked by a circle and a numerical printing
• prepierced in each cavity optimizes opening by tip
• self closing film reduces the risk of cross-contamination

4. Gas permeable peeling film

• SBS-Standard
• liquid tight
• high permeability
• for use from -5°C to +60°C

Polypropylen peeling cover film

• can be removed without any residues and repeatedly used
• very suitable for PCR plates
• lower limit for photometer plates 276 nm

Further films on request.


Cover films

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Order No. Product Packaging unit
6018610 Polyethylene peeling cover film, PE 100 pc.
6018611 Aluminum universal cover film, Al 100 pc.
6018612 Polypropylene peeling cover film, PP 100 pc.
6018618 Gas permeable peeling film 50 pc.
6018619 Piercing-foil with cavity circle 96-Well , alphanumeric printed, prepierced 100 pc.