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Sterilizing Pipet Box


Aluminium pipet boxes with optimized easy handling in every day´s work. The cylindrical pipet boxes are the best option for autoclaving various glass items with a length from 150 to 480 mm like mixing rods, pasteur-, volumetric and graduated pipets.

Sterilizing pipet box

Product Features

  • autoclaving: the new construction guarantees the entrance of steam into the container and optimizes the process of autoclaving
  • opening and closing: soft sliding performance of top section onto the base section makes working easy
  • base-and top section are filled with a silicon layer at the bottom as shock absorber to protect the glass items from splintering
  • the sterilizing pipet boxes are available in 4 various lengths
  • bottom: inside dimensions: 60 x 60 mm, external dimensions: 62 x 62 mm
  • top: inside dimensions: 62,75 x 62,75mm, outer dimensions: 68,70 x 68,70mm

Stainless steel holder for 4 ratiolab® pipet boxes

  • for practical storage up to 4 pipette boxes
  • space-saving and safe storage of pipette boxes
  • size D x W x H: 265 x 250 x 120 mm


Sterilizing Pipet Box

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Order No. Product Packaging unit
3170100 Stainless steel stand for 4 ratiolab® Pipet box, 265 x 250 x 120 mm 1 pc.
3170200 Pipet box, square section, aluminium, length 160 - 200 mm 1 pc.
3170305 Pipett box, square section, aluminium, length 235 - 305 mm 1 pc.
3170385 Pipett box, square section, aluminium, length 315 - 385 mm 1 pc.
3170485 Pipett box, square section, aluminium, length 315 - 485 mm 1 pc.