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slamed® provides medical, chemical and biological laboratories with Liquid Handling equipment and analysers. High quality material, durability and reasonable prices are the key features which our customers rely on.

slamed® analysers are specially designed to meet small laboratories‘ requirements for non-sophisticated analytical instruments. Easy operation, proven technology and low running costs are the criteria which are appreciated by our customers.


  • Slamed Pipets



    Pipetting is one of the most frequently used applications in laboratories. This is not only where precision and reliability are important, users also need products that are ergonomic, light and convenient.

    Pipette L / Pipette OLV / Pipette OL: The volume range from 0.1µl up to 10 ml is covered by respectively 10 models of the variable pipettes.

    Pipette CP: The volume range from 2µl up to 1000µl is covered by 33 models of the fixed volume pipette.

    Pipette ME/MT: The volume range from 1µl up to 300µl is covered by respectively 4 models of the multichannel pipettes.


    Pipetten Slamed
  • Dispenser



    Digital Burette DB

    A Digital Burette, which meets the demands of fast and sensitive titration.

    Bottle-top Dispenser

    Bottle-Top Dispenser for accurate and rapid dispensing of small and large volumes directly from any original reagent bottle.



  • Coagulometer



    Coagulometer Chrom 7

    1-Channel Coagulometer (turbimetry and colorimetry). Open system for any coagulation test-kit on the market.

    Coagulometer K-3003 Chrom

    3-Channel Coagulometer K-3003 Chrom suitable for the complete coagulation diagnostic. The processing of tests for example PT, TT and APTT is rapid and safe.

    Coagulometer CC-4000

    We present 5 channels coagulometer CC-4000, which executes all basic coagulational determination by chronometrical method, method of the usage of chrom substrate and immunochemical method (D-dimer).



  • Osmometer 800CLG



    The Osmometer 800CLG is an automated freezing-point analyser for measuring the osmolality of aqueous solutions such as blood, serum, urine, sweat or infusion solutions and beverages. Only 100 μl sample volume are re-uired.The difference of the freezing point of the sample to the freezing point of distilled water correlates with the osmolality of the sample.
    On the large LCD display the freezing curve and the measuring results are shown.The 1-point calibration with aqua dest. and the microprocessor controlled function and error identification contribute to saving working time in long tests series with excellent results.

    The instrument is easy to be used. After being placed into the measuring vessel the sample of biological fluid is pushed onto the thermistor. By pressing down the measuring head the fluid sample is introduced into the cooling chamber. Using the Peltier effect the sample is cooled down below the freezing point. Now the stirrer is activated,and crystallisation of the sample follows. In the same time the temperature of the sample rises. The temperature will be now measured electronically and displayed in mOsm/kg.

    Product features

    • 1-point-calibration with aqua dest.
    • automatic funktion control
    • service panel for error identification and hardware check
    • graphic display of the temperature change during measuring
    • easy sample handling in 1.5ml test tubes
    • bench space saving design
    • air cooled Peltier elements
    • data / printer port: RS 232


    Osmometer 800CLG

  • Chloridmeter 20CL, 50CL, 200CL



    For the fast and easy determination of the concentration of chloride ions in micro specimens 3 models of Chloridmeters are available.

    Chloridmeter 20CL
    requires sample volumes of 20 μl only and is designed for the application in medical or biological laboratories for tests in serum, urine or other body fluids.

    Chloridmeter 50CL is recommended for food & beverage or pharmaceutical laboratories and requires 50 μl sample volume.

    Chloridmeter 200CL has a very wide measuring range, calculated in mg/l. It is suitable for the application in industrial and environmental laboratories.

    Product features

    Automatic measuring process
    The measuring method is based on the principle of coulometric impulse titration by the use of a silver - electrode pairing; the final point of titration is shown in an independent circuit of the silver - electrode pair. Measurment automatically follows, after a specimen of the working solution has been introduced. When 20 sec. have elapsed, the analysis result can be read on the display unit. After 50 analysis procedures have been conducted, the necessary exchange of the basic solution is indicated.

    Easy calibration
    By the use of micro processing control, no corrections on the part of the mechanism are required for the conducted calibration.