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slamed® provides medical, chemical and biological laboratories with Liquid Handling equipment and analysers. High quality material, durability and reasonable prices are the key features which our customers rely on.

slamed® analysers are specially designed to meet small laboratories‘ requirements for non-sophisticated analytical instruments. Easy operation, proven technology and low running costs are the criteria which are appreciated by our customers.


  • Slamed Pipets



    Pipetting is one of the most frequently used applications in laboratories. This is not only where precision and reliability are important, users also need products that are ergonomic, light and convenient.

    Pipette L / Pipette OLV / Pipette OL: The volume range from 0.1µl up to 10 ml is covered by respectively 10 models of the variable pipettes.

    Pipette CP: The volume range from 2µl up to 1000µl is covered by 33 models of the fixed volume pipette.

    Pipette ME/MT: The volume range from 1µl up to 300µl is covered by respectively 4 models of the multichannel pipettes.

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    Pipetten Slamed
  • ratiopetta® Pipets




    Product Features

    Pipetting is one of the most frequently used applications in laboratories. This is not only where precision and reliability are important, users also need products that are ergonomic, light and convenient. The new ratiopetta® from ratiolab® meets these demands while offering outstanding value for money.

    Product properties
    • obtainable in volumes from 0.1 µl – 5000 µl
    • fullautoclavable, 20 min, 121°C
    • universal cone for standard pipet tips
    • easy volume setting by smooth-running setting ring
    • fatigue-free work possible for the analyst over longer pipetting series
    • touch-sensitive pressure points for pipetting and discharging
    • modern, innovative materials
    • individual checking according to ISO8655/DIN12650
    • delivery includes a test certificate
    • individual serial numbers
    • suitable for right- and left-handers
    • easy to calibrate
    • corrosion-resistant piston and tip ejector
    • 1 year guarantee

    Delivery includes:
    • pipet
    • certificate of calibration
    • operating instructions
    • bench rack
    • calibration key
    • lubricant

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  • Micro Centrifuge



    Space- and energy-saving micro centrifuge with adequate power for routine centrifugations.

    • speed 7000 /min, max RCF 2680 x g
    • lid must be closed for operation mode
    • safety: the lid can only be opened when the rotor is not rotating
    • rapid start and stop within seconds
    • power supply AC100-240V/50Hz/60Hz
    • diameter 150 mm, height 117 mm, weight 0.5 kg
    • 1 year guarantee
    • supplied complete with two rotors:
    rotor 1 for: 8 microcentrifuge tubes 0.5 ml till 2.0ml
    rotor 2 for: 16 microcentrifuge tubes 0.2 ml or two pcr strips of 8 tubes 0.2 ml

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  • Thermocult Incubator



    Compact incubator for bacteriology. Fixed temperature setting at 35 ±2 °C, adjustable up to 42°C, with built-in control thermometer. Glass-clear plasticdoor for visual control. The incubator can be placed on work benches or set up on walls.

    • inside size (W x D x H): 210 x 145 x 110 mm, for up to 20 tissue cultures or 8 petri dishes

    • outsidesize(WxDxH): 300x170x150mm

    • weight: approx. 1.3 kg, power: 220 V, 30 W

    • shelf available separately

    • 2 year guarantee

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  • Dispenser



    Digital Burette DB

    A Digital Burette, which meets the demands of fast and sensitive titration.

    Bottle-top Dispenser

    Bottle-Top Dispenser for accurate and rapid dispensing of small and large volumes directly from any original reagent bottle.

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  • Dispetta Dispenser


    ratiolab® dispetta Pipettor for Serial Dispensing

    A convenient and robust instrument for serial dispensing with Dispenser Tips. Five volume settings combined with seven Dispenser Tips sizes result in 35 different volumes from 10 μl to 5 ml. The Dispenser Tip is filled similar to a syringe. After preselecting the dispensing volume the pipet button has to be pressed for each dispensing step.

    Product properties
    • ergonomic design and lightweight for convenient handling
    • smooth and fatigue-free operation even with long series
    • precise and convenient volume setting
    • clearly visible volume adjustment, optimized readability
    • table with a volume scale fixed directly onto the instrument
    • precise gear mechanism for accurate and reproducible pipetting
    • safe, rapid and easy exchange of Dispenser Tips
    • maintenance-free
    • long life due to robust design
    • manual dispenser without electronic parts
    • 2 years guarantee

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    Product features

  • ratiolab® Accupetta



    ratiolab® Accupetta Electronic Pipetting Aid

    • can fill 25 ml pipet in less than 4 seconds
    • safety valve and hydrophobic filters provide double protection against fluid penetration
    • two different speed modes – high & low along with gravity drain
    • the pump speed can also be fine-tuned by varying finger pressure on operating knobs for better control of speed
    • cadmium-free environment-friendly NiMH batteries
    • intelligent charger prevents over-charging / heating of batteries
    • low battery indicator, power 2 x 1.2 V / 1000 mAh
    • battery service life: 8 hours continuous use
    • battery charging time: 2 – 3 hours
    • volumetric range: plastic or glass pipets from 0.1 ml to 100 ml
    • autoclavable pipet cone 
    • 1 year guarantee 

    Order No. 32 00 300 Accupetta contains:

    • 1x Accupetta
    • 2x Rechargeable battery
    • 1x Adapter for battery charger
    • 2x Spare filter 0,45 μm
    • 1x Wall mount for Accupetta

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  • Coagulometer



    Coagulometer K-3003 Chrom

    3-Channel Coagulometer K-3003 Chrom suitable for the complete coagulation diagnostic. The processing of tests for example PT, TT and APTT is rapid and safe.

    Coagulometer CC-4000

    We present 5 channels coagulometer CC-4000, which executes all basic coagulational determination by chronometrical method, method of the usage of chrom substrate and immunochemical method (D-dimer).

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