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Digital Burette DB



A Digital Burette, which meets the demands of modern titration practice:
  • burette DB works fast, because the operator himself controls the velocity of the piston stroke
  • burette DB is exact with the resolution 0,01 ml and accuracy of 0.2%
  • burette DB covers a volume range up to 99,99 ml
  • the internal memory can store up to 500 measuring values of serial titration
  • refilling and air purging performance without loss of reagent.
  • push button selection for either „Titration“ or „Dispense“ function
  • titration display: 99,99 ml
  • temperature: 15-40°C


Digital Burette

Order No.ProductPackaging unit
2970014 Slamed Dispenser Burette DB, 0-50 ml 1 pc.