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Our catalogs are available for download. To download please click with the left mouse button on the appropriate file and choose the saving-location on your computer.

Ratiolab Catalog Download | 3.5 MB Ratiolab catalog 2017-2018
Slamed Catalog Download | 3.5 MB Slamed catalog 2017-2018 
Think! Download | 1.2 MB Development and production of customized products
Flyer - Filter Tips Download | 1.0 MB Premium Line Filter Tips Low Retention
Flyer - Autoclavable bags Download | 256 KB Autoclavable bags
Flyer - Multistand Download | 128 KB Multistand Rack
Flyer - Microtubes Download | 404 KB Safety-Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes
Flyer - Cryo Boxes Download | 158 KB Cryo Box with hinged lid
Flyer - Cryo Boxes Download | 196 KB Cryo Box with Slip-Lid
Flyer - Cryo Label Download | 432 KB Rainbow Cryo Labels
Flyer - Multiboxes Download | 275 KB Multibox Refill System
Certificate Download | 709 KB DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Certificate Download | 183 KB EN ISO 13485:2003

Please contact us to order these documents also in printed form.


Adobe Reader X

Adobe Reader X
The catalogs are available in PDF format. To open the files you need
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader version 5 or higher.
It can be obtained from Adobe® as a free-of-charge download.