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Multichannel Pipet ME and MT



The fully autoclavable PIPETS ME/MT are specially designed for working with gloves under sterile conditions. The volume range from 1μl to 300 μl is covered by 4 models each in the 8- and 12-channel versions.

The patented manifold system ensures individual tight sealing of the pipet tips on each channel.

Product Features

  • perfect measuring results
  • directive calibration ISO 8655
  • fully autoclavable and UV-light resistant
  • volume settings by pushbutton avoids snatching the gloves
  • ergonomic design, handle can be turned to an individual convenient position
  • patented system makes manual corrections of the tip sealing redundant
  • maintenance free: components are manufactured from stainless steel or chemical resistant plastics
  • each pipet comes with quality certificate, holder and calibration key
  • 3 years warranty


Multichannel pipet