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For over 40 years now - often in close cooperation with our customers - we have been developing professional solutions for routine laboratory work, research, science and industry.

Anything that can facilitate work, increase accuracy, enhance process safety and in general increase the efficiency of the lab is within our scope.

Practically all disposable products are manufactured on our own site; tens of thousands of laboratory items are produced daily. These are made of high-quality plastics using high-precision tools on state-of-the-art injection-molding machines.


And, of course, our Quality Management is certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001; for only uniform and constant high quality enables laboratory work to be done with the necessary accuracy and reproducibility.

If you so wish, we can design packaging forms suitable for automatic processing, package according to your own hygiene requirements or customize the packaging, even in small amounts, according to national requirements.


Administration, production and warehouse are all located in the town of Dreieich near Frankfurt/Main. Sales and distribution in Germany and in some 30 countries worldwide are via qualified distributors of laboratory equipment. Ratiolab® participates at all major international trade fairs.